Job descriptions

Warehouse positions

At Phoenicia, we are committed to producing and distributing quality products as well as offering excellent customer service. That is why we are always looking for qualified personnel to meet our needs in the different departments. 


In the distribution department, we make sure to deliver quality products to our customers quickly. All this would not be possible without the excellent work of our teams.

Driver's helper

The driver's helper is the driver's right-hand man to ensure deliveries and pick-up of products from customers and suppliers. He loads and unloads the products at the customer's premises.


Container Handler

The Container Handler effectively supports the Section Supervisor in the handling of goods. He/she unloads products from containers, palletizes the merchandise and performs other handling related duties such as counting and sorting the products.


Order Picker

The Order Picker selects the various products in the warehouse that make up each order and ensures that they are prepared accurately and precisely. They examine and verify items, remove damaged products, and perform other order picking functions such as counting, sorting, and labeling various products.

ivers produits.



There are several sections within the production department: packaging, blending, roasting and spices/falafels. All our employees work together to prepare the best products.

Production Material Handler

The material handler supports the machine operator in production operations and works in the various sections of the warehouse. He/she performs handling functions such as counting, weighing, sorting, packing and unpacking various products. They handle products on a table or conveyor and ensure the quality of finished products.



Some of our jobs require specific training or permits.

Forklift Operator

The Forklift Operator operates a forklift in order to store products while maximizing warehouse space. He/she unstacks pallets, rotates perishable goods, participates in inventory taking and assists in order picking as needed.



The Driver drives a 26-foot truck and makes deliveries and pickups from customers and suppliers using a pallet jack, according to established schedules. He validates the accuracy of the loads, completes the return slips and ensures excellent customer service.


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Sales Support Assistant

The sales support assistant is responsible for the administrative management of commercial activities. As a resource person in customer service, he/she assists customers with order entry and promotes our products.


Office Clerk

The Office Clerk prepares reports, statements and other documents related to the department of the company for which they work, such as customer service, reception or accounting. They perform a variety of general clerical and correspondence tasks in collaboration with team members.