Our Vision

Consuming the products that we need every day, eating differently, responding to the latest food trends while respecting our planet and the environment, these pillars are at the center of Phoenicia's food vision.

Collaboration, synergy, efficiency, multicultural richness characterizes the efficiency of our group which translates into a range of products made by the men and women who represent the Canadian and American consumer market.

Innovation, technology, adaptation, Phoenicia has a unique business model that embodies a fulfilling food adventure where the best of the Mediterranean and the world meet.


Our mission

Importer, processor and distributor, Phoenicia offers and develops a unique expertise in the food industry in North America.

Focused on the evolution of the food offer for consumers in Canada and the United States, Phoenicia meets the daily needs of local families.

Pioneer and leader for more than 30 years in the importation of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern products, we have developed specialties represented by the extent of our offerings symbolized by the Cedar and Phoenicia brands but also the most important food brands recognized in our partner countries.

Our values

    • Multiculturalism and valuing differences
    • People development and career progression
    • Benevolence and human warmth

    • Collaboration and teamwork
    • Organization and planning
    • Results and efficiency

    • Innovation and curiosity
    • Passion and quality

Words from the Vice President and General Manager

Permanently connected to the Mediterranean and the international, Phoenicia is a melting pot, represented by its team where our diversity enriches our vision and our common passion for food. This unique mix is the foundation of Phoenicia's DNA.

Laurent signature

Vice-President and General Manager